Born out of a partnership between Sunstone Therapies, Alexandre Tannous and the SCA Charitable Foundation Echolibrium's mission is to take the profound role Sound plays within psychedelic assisted therapy and make it accessible to the general public.

Throughout our history as a species, across multiple cultures, sound has been used as a healing modality. We invite you to try the various artists featured who represent multiple traditions where sound has been used in the healing process. Additionally, we invite you to explore how these sounds work in the healing process- via parasympathetic activation- and the vast body of clinical research showing the importance of parasympathetic activation, specifically as it relates to mental and cardiovascular health.

When you get a chance please take fifteen minutes to put on your headphones, close your eyes, lie down and "drop in" to one of our tracks. When you do, as much as possible, try to train your attention on the sound, observing and releasing from the inevitable thoughts that emerge. As we are in our alpha version, please also give us share your feedback when you have a moment.

Find a Track to Drop Into